eco is for

no imported items, thus minimizing our carbon footprint. All cloth is made of natural fibres and is hunted for all over Cape Town, sometimes finding the greatest treasures in the smallest of shops. All items are made in the heart of Cape Town, by small businesses that we support. We strongly believe that “local is lekker!”.

punk is for

designing with a “break-all-the-rules” approach, resulting in a surprise of amazing print combinations! Anke Scheffel, head designer at Eco Punk: “Once all the random fabrics I have bought surround me, I start fusing eclectic mixes of print combinations in casual-”wow” silhouettes that are fun and no-fuss!”

Look out for these  stickers on the product pages:


100% cotton, grown in Africa

A super soft and durable quality, where the cloth is made in Cape Town, South Africa, by a company that uses the 100% cotton yarn, grown in the African regions.  A cloth that is proudly made in South Africa!


100organic100% certified organic

The cloth is 55% certified organic hemp, and 45% organic cotton.

Hemp is the prized for its exceptional strength and long lasting durability and thermo-regulating qualities, helping to keep the body cool in summer and warm in winter.


As hemp fabric has hollow fibres, it lends breathability to the fabric, providing antibacterial properties.  As the fabric is hypo-allergenic, it is perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers and it also is UV resistant making it a great shield against the South African sun.

Hemp grows really fast, making it a highly sustainable, renewable resource.