Eco-Punk’s baby girl spring 2018 collection is here!

We are so excited to be welcoming the ‘slightly!’ warmer weather in South Africa with our Spring 2018 online launch.

With all production being done in Cape Town we are proud to hear from customers that Eco-Punk Kid’s Clothing is becoming more and more known to be a proudly South African brand.  Another strong point we are hearing is that moms and kids are loving our high quality fabrics, mainly cottons and viscoses, and that the items still looks great after many washes and it can be handed down to siblings and friend’s children.

As always, our Spring 2018 range stretch across our various departments: girlswear, boyswear and baby girls. We would like to spend some time on our Baby Girls collection so moms, aunties, grannies and friends can get to know the styling a little better. We also want to share our thinking behind the range, as well as some interesting production issues that tend to pop up during the production of a style.

The Baby Girl romper has been around for 4 years now in all kind of different prints. The first time we did this style -in a pink and sage spot- it sold out very quickly. The romper has often become the first Eco-Punk Kid’s item a baby girl gets as a baby shower gift! After analyzing the romper, we realized that this style makes a lot of sense and is very practical: top and bottom are one, poppers make for easy nappy changing, cloth either being 100% cotton or viscose. Viscose is a natural fabric, structurally similar to cotton, but may be produced from a variety of plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane.

For spring 2018, we are offering the romper in 3 different prints. The Meow print, being an animal print, which tourist love. Then the blue tones “Striped Floral” print offers a more traditional feel with a modern twist, and lastly a big, colourful floral and leafy print, the Jungle print. Jungle prints are very trendy this season, and it also features in our Girls wear range.

The production of the romper needs careful planning, as there are many different processes.  After cutting the chest band goes for “rushing” which creates the rows of elastic across the chest.  This is a factory that only does this, and nothing else!  Whilst the chest bands are there, the front left side wearing panel goes to the embroider who embroiders the little solid Africa onto the panel.  We find that this little Africa embroidery is loved by our local South Africans, as well as overseas visitors. It is just enough for them to remember their amazing holiday here without screaming Africa. It’s also very wearable in their home countries.

Once the rushing is finished on the chest bands, and the fronts are embroidered, only then does the garment get stitched up. Once the romper is completely sewn it then goes off to an attaching company who puts in the poppers/snaps so the romper can open for diaper changing.

So this little romper travels a fair deal around Cape Town before it reaches a retail level! We love this little best seller of ours, and there will be plenty more little rompers to come in the future!  There are just too many prints and too many cute babies!

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