Inspired by the movie Frozen, our Princess Elsa like dresses play with texture, colour and make little girls glimmer with style.

Every girl is a princess at heart. Inspired by the movie Frozen, our Princess Elsa dresses are just the starting point for comfort and style for the cool to freezing season. With playfulness of colour, it’s ideal to give your little princess’ imagination wings. Pair it up with leggings, long sleeve t-shirts, boots or simply enjoy it as the beautiful single pieces they are.

Have a look at our sage dress with deep satin inner pockets, trimmed with torchon lace. Our texture mint dress might have your girl spinning around all day with this classical stripe and fuller frilled, and lace hem skirt. Our 100% cotton autumn dress ( with shimmering fairy mesh hem with freedom of movement with colour block design. Don’t miss out on our colour block dress with princess mesh hem frill that’s currently available at a discounted price. With our eco-friendly fabrics and proudly South African passion, your little girl will shine as the true princess she is.

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